If you run a cafe & want a proven model that allows you to profit significantly more, with greater peace of mind, clarity, control & profit, while also getting more time with your family to do the things you want – Then we need to chat.


I believe MOST cafes owners operate a flawed business model (and it’s not their fault). They work too hard, make little or no profit  and end up burnt out by trying to cut costs and doing everything themselves. Does this sound familiar?

But I can help, I know there are smarter ways to run a business.

I work one to one with people who are dedicated to running a successful cafe. I show them how to apply my model (that I have used to build and sell my very own cafe) and mentor them through the changes.

The results are significant.

Owners who work with me (and who action the changes I prescribe) have:

  • A specific plan for their business and their life as well (we work on balance)
  • Greater overall clarity and structure on all areas of their lives
  • Increasing turnover and profit margins
  • The skills to manage their business way more effectively
  • A lifestyle that they’re happy with
  • And they have someone to talk to

Owning a business can be lonely and, at times, overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the experience or access to the tools the top owners know and use. There’s so much you need to consider, prepare and manage that it can all become too much.

I want to help, and give you the tools so you can run a successful business.

I don’t deal in strategies, I’ve over 18 years in the hospitality industry from five star hotels where I learnt the value of great customer service. to Harrods in London to the Barrier reef in Australia to launching and then selling (with a lot of mistakes in between) my own cafe.

Running a profitable cafe takes a lot of passion. But there is a formula and if you get it right then you can have a great life and a business as well.

Where you are right now…  overwhelmed? lost? frustrated? Let me help you get back on the right track…


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