008: CLB with Dr Coffee (Annabel Townsend)

In this episode I am joined by Annabel Townsend she is a doctor of coffee. lives in Canada where she moved from the north of the UK with her family. In this episode we discuss the cafes and coffee carts Annabel has set up and run on both sides of the Atlantic, her take on why it’s best to get the best quality coffee machine as possible and she has a good reason for why.
We also discuss how she is roasting very small batches of coffee for retail in her shop and how she has developed a relationship with a local roaster who is preparing her own unique blend.
Click below for my conversation with Doctor Coffee herself.

We talk about
  • How Annabel became a doctor of coffee
  • The quality testing process for coffee
  • How farmers are learning to improve their coffee
  • Cupping and quality in coffee
  • We discuss Annabel’s cafe and the difference in coffee habits between North America and the UK
  • How the big coffee chains differ from independents
  • What Annabel thinks about spending more on coffee equipment and training staff
  • What she uses in her cafe for producing her pour overs
  • How Annabel is roasting small amounts her own coffee for retail and her long term plan for on site roasting
  • How she has developed a relationship with a local roaster to produce her own unique blend for her shop
  • Why she and her family moved from the UK to Canada
  • Annabel’s Book recommendations see the links below…
Links and Book recommendations
Anyone can do it – Building Coffee Republic from our kitchen table Amazon US / UK
Double Double How Tim Horton’s become a Canadian way of life, one cup at a time
It seemed like a good idea at the time – Annabel’s Book in progress (No link yet)
Twitter – @doctorcoffee
LinkedIn – Annabel Townsend
Web site – drcoffeescafe.com
Music by – bensound.com
Another very good link which Annabel recommended, is her Dr. Coffee Blog. This has some very interesting evergreen content related to coffee.  Please have a look if you’re interested because it was a sort Annabel’s research journal throughout her PhD.


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