009: CLB The 6 Steps To Attract & Keep Customers In Your Cafe

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I start the episode with a story about my lawnmower and how my experience relates to customer service in your cafe.

I walk through the six fundamental steps to first of all attract, and then keep customers returning to your cafe so you have a thriving business. Theses steps when combined with great food and beverage, are key to getting customers to return time and again.


1 – Great customer service
a. This should be a given but can be pushed aside when you are bus
b. Treat each customer as if they are giving you 5000 in cash

2 – Building a customer list
a. A list will help you to communicate with your customers
b. Give them a reason to join you can use Cimpadeedoo (now Mailchimp Subscribe) with Mailchimp

3 – Having a loyalty scheme which gives you user metrics
a. Loyal customers spend more they can count for 80% of your sales
b. With a loyalty program with a company such as Trezoro you can send out push notifications, measure your regulars spend and visit frequency.

4 – Learn who your customers are – where they work, any team they support, if they have a dog, a cat or children.
a. A powerful way to get and keep people coming back is to connect with them in a personal way
b. People love to talk about themselves ask questions and remember their regular order.

5 – Have a clean premises
a. Make sure all tables are immediately cleaned, deep clean performed every week.
b. People will judge a business on the bathrooms, if it’s dirty they will think that the kitchen are also dirty.

6 – The most simple and inexpensive of all if smile and welcome people in and then sincerely thank them and wish them a great day or week end when they leave

Filling your premises is not massively difficult to do. Do theses six things every day, do them well, and do them consistently and you will be on the right path.

Links in this episode
Trezoro – loyalty software for your customers

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