010: CLB – Negotiating Your Lease Contract The Right Way with Mark Chase

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In episode 10 of The Café Launch Blueprint I’m joined by Mark Chase, He’s a restaurant real estate specialist based on the West Coast of the US. But his knowledge is going to help you no matter where in the world you are.

If you are in the process of setting up your café or any other dining establishment at all you want to give this your time. Mark has a huge amount of knowledge on how to make sure you have the right lease and clauses in place from the start.

We talk about How Mark got into the restaurant Real estate business. How to make sure you have properly negotiated your lease contract, and some of the horror stories Mark has seen when business owners don’t take the time to invest in professional help from someone like him or a good property solicitor.

We also discuss how to assess weather you’re in the right location as well as the pros and cons of buying an existing cafe or restaurant verses launching one yourself.

I think this should give a lot of valuable information to help avoid exposing yourself to bad leases.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The biggest issues people have with opening a food business in relation to parking
  •  Internally what operators need to plan for the space to operate profitability
  • The difficulties people have with getting their cafe or restaurant set up correctly from a leasing and location perspective
  • The rent free periods landlords will give and what you actually need and how a professional will be able to help in this negotiation process that will save you thousands
  • How to measure if you’re in the right location in relation to footfall and the size of the business
  • The pros and cons of buying an existing cafe verses taking on and fitting one out yourself
  • Lease structures operators must be aware
  • Why hiring a good lawyer, quantitive surveyor on or restaurant real estate agent could save you thousands in the long run
  • Some of the horror stories people have gone through when the lease was badly structured
  • How to best structure your lease for when you want to sell the business or extend your lease
  • The typical time it takes to go from deciding to open a business, find a location, fit out or purchase and then actually open (and it’s a lot longer than you may think).
Links in this episode
Seth Godin – Mark highly recommends his marketing books in particular
The link to Mark’s ebook on what you need to know when leasing a food business
Find Mark on Twitter
Podcast Episode with Mark Whitham
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  • Charlie it was a pleasure being a guest on your podcast. Keep up the good work!

  • Thank you for your kind words, and taking the time to share your knowledge.