Why Isn’t My Busy Cafe Making Any Profit?

Your cafe’s busy, has good turnover but you’re not making any money here’s what to do

It’s incredibly disheartening when you run a cafe which is busy and should be making good profit. Only to find out at the end of the year that you’ve not made anywhere near what you had anticipated, or even worse, there’s … Continue reading

Create A Hiring Process To Get & Keep Great Staff

The Three Critical Steps To Getting The Right People In Place

A cafe is a people business while many aspects are as mechanised as possible it’s still totally reliant on your team to operate the systems which is why it’s a good idea to make them a high priority. Attracting and … Continue reading

A Brief Guide to Creating Your Cafe’s Operation Manual

Go From Chaos And Overwhelm To Calm And In Controll

The biggest challenge most owners face is running a business which they feel they have control of while also giving a consistent level of service to customers whether they’re there or not. These issues are really symptoms of a lack … Continue reading

What’s It Take To Open A Cafe That Doesn’t Just Survive, But Thrives?

Pay Meticulous Attention To These Four Cornerstone Rules

Owners of successful cafes are purposeful in setting the cornerstones so that their business thrives. Your aim is to run a successful business (obviously), to achieve this it’s important to be able to identify your weakest points in order to avoid failure. To … Continue reading