12 Hacks To Turbo-Charge Your Business And Life Goals

Get out of neutral and create the life you want

This powerful 12 step framework will help you quickly and effectively set and achieve your business and personal projects by breaking them down into an achievable action plan, which also keeps you focused on moving toward them every day.


If you are in the process of starting a cafe, or putting in place a plan to take your cafe through the next twelve months. I have picked out the twelve key points that will help give you the right level of focus on setting and achieving the things you want to achieve.


This is a process which you can go through at any time of year. I find it is best to take some time to break the projects into pieces. You take your annual plan and create projects which you work on quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily.


Going through this process helps to keep you focused on the longer term vision and to keep moving in small steps each day by working on the things that are in your plan so you can avoid getting sidetracked (as much) by other things that will easily fill up your days.


Here are the twelve steps to plan your year and keep on track.
  1. When you are considering setting a new project, make sure you don’t put energy towards things that are 7/10 or less (even if you like them). Your answer MUST hell yes otherwise it has to be no (you will need to get good at saying no)
  2. In the planning phase Ask Yourself Why – why am I doing this? Will it take me towards the place I want to get to? if not then either drop it or delegate it to someone else in your team.
  3. Review wins from last year and lessons learnt that you can avoid in future.
  4. Do a gratitude flood of everything which was good from the last year.
  5. Write out what you want to be thankful a year from now – What would a great year look like for you and how would it feel?
  6. Set a clear vision of what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months break it down and set 2-4 goals for each area of your life that is important to you.
  7. Every day take five minutes to review and visualise achieving your goals
  8. Resolve to keep focused by putting goals into a planner and only work on the ones which are planned and in the diary, otherwise you will find you are working on the urgent but often non vital things that come up.
  9. Plan the year ahead – enter in holidays, promotions, launches, local events to take advantage of and remember to block book in time to work on the business rather than in it.
  10. Create big time blocks to work on marketing, business development and finance of 2 hours or more 3-4 times per week to get real progress.
  11. Create systems for things you and your staff do on a repetitive basis.
  12. Batch tasks together. Doing this allows you to gain momentum, plus it will give you a real sense of progress.


Remember to take time to enjoy to process of achieving your goals. Nowadays we are more busy than ever and are often in a rush to get to our destination as fast as possible. This is not realistic with big goals as they take a much longer term perseverance and focus to achieve.


In Slowing down and enjoying the process you will often get better results than expected because you’re not feeling either overwhelmed or stressed.


Good luck and if you need any help with the planning process either email me or you can leave a comment.


Thanks for reading.

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