Powerful Six Step Process To Attain Your Goals in 2016

Start Next Year With Clarity & Focus

To have an incredible year in 2016, you can’t leave it to chance. The benefits of having a plan with specific actions to implement that plan are well documented.

According to The State of The Business Owner Report(compiled by E-myth), having a specific plan to achieve your goals will give you as much as 59% greater chance of achieving your profit targets than if you do not.

The report also found that owners with higher levels of control and happiness in their business and life had a much higher chance of being profitable.

Here are three benefits to having a plan

  • You will have clarity on what you want to achieve and avoid being sidetracked
  • You will reduce wasted time through lack of direction
  • You will focus on the high value and important tasks that keep you moving towards your goals.

In addition to these benefits, I recommend having goals with specific actions in your diary on how you intend to implement your plan, do this and you’ll be more likely to attain your aspirations next year.

Time spent on planning in advance will save a huge amount of time in the loss of productivity later.

Here are six steps to help in planning your best year ever:

1. Review last year – what are you most proud of from last year?

What successes did you have? Identify what is working in your business, celebrate this and identify what you should continue with into next year.

2. Growth

What tough times or challenges did you go through, that you could learn from going into next year? Identify your greatest challenges, these point you toward your significant lessons, take time to digest what they are teaching you and see if you can avoid them creeping into next year.

3. Tension

What have you started that needs to be completed and closed off so they are out of the way.  Sometimes we get carried away trying to do too much. Working on only a small number of goals will yield far greater momentum than trying to work on loads and getting none completed. You want to be thinking an inch wide and a mile deep.

4. Aspiration

What do you want to get out of your next 12 months to 3 years? By refocusing on your strategic game plan, you will work through the process of how you can first have, then achieve your goals (remember to make them SMART goals). You need to think about both personal and business goals here, so you keep a balance don’t just think about work. Here are the levels you need to plan on and think about.

  • 30,000 feet, your 3 year goals – think big and push yourself out of your comfort zone. This should seriously send shivers through you otherwise they are not powerful enough
  • 20,000 feet, your plan for the next 12 months and what you want to achieve
  • 10,000 feet, your 90 day or quarter theme getting specific on one single project for real development
  • The runway, your weekly action plan helps get the real forward momentum. It is here that you will get the traction and incremental development in your cafe

5. Drive

Your top three to five hopes for next year? What do you want to change going into next year? What aspects of your life and business do you want to get the most development on? Here are 4 areas you can work on

  • Increasing your average customers spend – getting your current customers spending more will yield immediate results. Show your staff your current weekly average spend so they know what it is and set specific targets to increase it do it every week
  • Develop a core product – something that people will only come to you for, be it food, beverage, cakes, service, make it yours and own it.
  • How can you market your cafe in a unique way through PR, customer training, say cooking or how to make coffee or through being innovative. The press love unique stories and it’s free marketing to help keep your cafe growing.

6. Shift your focus

How you think makes an incredible impact on your outcome. It is possible to change your state be it positive or negative. Each morning I review my goals for the next 12 months and look at my weekly plan so I am focused on the big picture, not being swept along by events as they arise.

In creating a system around how you spend your time in the most productive way with specific goals you want to achieve. Doing this, you will be astounded at how much you will get out of your time and as a result year.

if you focus on one key objective that will give you real forward progress in your business, it will be a positive result.

If you need help in growing your business and putting in place a specific plan I have a few places open for my 30 minute to the Best Year ever Strategy Session. Get in touch and I will be incredibly happy to help you get some real and achievable business goals in place for 2014.

Thanks so much for reading, I wish you every success next year.

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