Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone & Improve Your Business Success

Your level of success can significantly increase the more you push your boundaries

Have you ever made a commitment to a challenge which you know was way outside your comfort zone? If so, was it a spur of the moment decision, or had the thought been bubbling away from some time at the back of your mind?

Commitment, be it a personal challenge, or starting a new business will mean that you need to step out of your comfort zone to make it happen. But and here is the thing, you can’t just talk about it, It’s only when you commit to something, that you make the decision “I WILL to do it” that the real magic starts to happen and serendipity starts to steps in.

I’m curious to know, (especially if you’ve been on cruse control for a while) how often do you push out of your comfort zone? It’s one of the best ways to stay sharp, it helps in making better decisions and it means you’re more “switched on” and alert in your daily life and even more so when a crises arises.

Here are just some ideas of things you could do, to push your boundaries:

  • Run – Start with 5 km or if you need the super challenge, why not look at an ultra marathon
  • Cycle – a great thing to do no matter if you’re fit or not is to do a tour with some friends it’s also a great way to slow down and connect while also getting in a great challenge
  • Take part in a musical or theatrical production – spending some time in the arts can be a big challenge, and give a different perspective as well
  • Learn a new language – and travel to the country to use it
  • Help by volunteering your time be working it in a charity shop, or soup kitchen
  • Start an allotment and see what you can grow – it’s incredibly rewarding and can be quite a challenge as well.
  • Do something crazy like bungee jumping or sky diving – this can be a big challenge, more for some, than others

Currently I have several challenges which I am working on. One is to ride a 100 mile / 160km cycling event (I will fill you in on the progress). The other is more ongoing, in that I live in a country where I am forced to speak in a second language, this stretches me every single day.

For you, do something that both excites and scares you a little, make mistakes, and remember to enjoy the journey.

One of the big lessons I am learning from the things that push me outside of my comfort zone is that most challenges especially those that life throws at me (those that are often viewed as problems) can generally be overcome. We just need to make them feel less like mountains and more like speed bumps, which are all contributing to our  life journey.

I would love to hear from you. Do you have any challenges planned or what big challenge has helped you in some way to grow in either your life or business? You can comment below.

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