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Running a successful business takes massive commitment just to survive, let alone make a healthy profit. One of the biggest reasons so many business owners struggle is because they don’t have a plan. According to cafeconomy research from the Cafe Culture Show in the UK only a third of cafes open with a business plan in place, which, frankly is crazy!

Let me ask you two questions …

  1. Do you have a specific plan that you review regularly and work towards day by day?
  2. Do you have any habits that positively influence how you operate your business, your health and your life?

Many owners often think whimsically to themselves that, I just need to make more money, get more customers, or find better staff. If this is you, then you’re looking at the wrong thing, you need to start by creating a powerful vision with a real plan on how you will achieve your desires.

It’s vital for your sanity and the long term success of the business that you start by setting a plan on paper of what you want in both your business and your life.

Doing this will allow you to start to transition into behaving more like like a CEO than a staff member.

When I take on new coaching clients, they are often overwhelmed rushing around controlled by the day to day events that happen in the business. They spend 90% or more of their time firefighting and the other 10% wishing it could all be different.

Every new client goes through;

  1. An analysis of the current reality of where they are now, whats wrong, broken, whats keeping them awake at night, basically anything that they need to get off their chest, both business and personally.
  2. I then dig into a plan of how they would like it to be different. What would they be doing as far out as 10 years, 3 years 12 months. Finally We dial it right into the next 90 days so they have a plan of action with real steps that I hold them accountable.
  3. I give them access to an incredible online course called Flip Your Life. This is a life changing course to get you back on track and in control. It’s by a massively influential Australian business coach, Andrew Roberts.

Taking time to plan, no matter if you’re just starting out or been open for 10 years (or more) is incredibly powerful. It will allow you to look at how you are working from a new perspective.

No matter which situation you are in you’ll quickly gain enormous clarity and drive to take your business in the direction you want it to go, rather than it controlling you.

Doing this is also a great way to set a long term destination marker of where you want to head over the next 3 -10 years.

If you’re not happy with the direction your business is heading it’s up to you as the owner to do something about it. Take a moment to think right now.

  • What you have you been doing today or over the last week?
  • Would you say you are in control?
  • How much time do you spend working on the floor rushing around trying to serve customers, fixing problems, covering for staff, and any other jobs that need to be done just to keep the business running effectively?
  • And how much time have you had to focus on marketing and growing the business or even your health such as, exercise, eating properly, getting rest so you can work more effectively?

I am not naive to think that you should never be working 90 hours in a week, I believe in seasons. But constsnatly working 90+ hours per week, living on adrenalin, espressos and the hope that it will all just somehow magically change when you find that new manager or chef is not the way either.

There is a better way to run a business. It’s only after I have been through this nightmare scenario myself when I was running my own cafe. I missed the first years of my children’s lives as I was busy working all the time. I ate terribly and become reliant on coffee, sugar and carbs to keep me going, and forget time for health or friends, that just did not happen.

And do you know what, I started to resent the business. When I started my cafe I genuinely thought I was going to be the boss, to run a busy business my way. Yes it would be hard work but I thought I would have had the freedom to spend more time with my wife and family. The opposite was true, I worked more hours for less money than ever.

What I’ve worked out is that business owners can get caught in a trap. This trap is one where we are the business, it’s totally reliant on us and if we walk away (or god forbid, go on a holiday) it all starts to fall apart.

To get out of this trap takes incredible discipline. To start you need to change the way you run your business.

I think of it as the architect phase. I would never build a house without a blueprint and it’s the same for a business.

This process takes a lot of discipline and commitment and I can not tell you the feeling of freedom clients get when they finally escape the trap.

If you have any questions at all get in touch via my contact at my site If you want to make the next 12 months your best ever, I can do a free one hour business analysis and planning session so you have the right pieces in place to make your business work right for you.

Thanks for reading.

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