If you could wave a magic wand and have a business (& life) you want, what would you do?

Have you even taken time to think about it? Maybe you once did have a vision for your business or life. But now it’s just getting through each day that feels like a success. Did you know most people spend more time planning their annual holiday than they do their year?

Do you find you’re working like crazy and have no idea how to slow down long enough to be able to actually assess where you are, and where you want to get to? You may be thinking that it’s simply not possible to achieve any of your dreams, thats why they’re called dreams…

Personally, I love to take time to sit down and think about some difficult questions around the direction I’m heading, where I’m going and what I’m doing. I know one thing. I want to feel I am making a difference, and to feel fulfilled. It’s my contribution in all areas of life that gives me my greatest sense of achievement.

Here are three very powerful questions from Tim Ferriss:

  • What 3 things you could do to x10 your productivity?
  • What 3 things you can stop doing that would allow you to be your best self?
  • What could you do to achieve one of your 10 year goals in the next 6 months?

What’s holding you back from being a great parent, partner, business owner or employee? Are you just reading this without taking action, or are you doing what the top performers do and actually taking time to think and be intentional about what you want to happen in your life?

If you find that you’re struggling with a vision to get a plan in place, or you’re setting the same goals every year. I can help. Get in touch and we can do a free 45 minute planning session. In it we’ll have a quick look at your current reality and follow that with a plan on how to take control in 2017.  Click HERE to arrange a time to have your strategy session …

Thanks for reading.


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