If you want greater productivity, get more sleep!

The relationship between sleep and productivity is well known. The fact is that, less sleep you have, the less productive you will be. As a business owner, this will affect you far more than just how you feel. Loosing even as little as 1-2 hours sleep per night will impair judgement, and decision making abilities. On top of this your focus will be reduced, and you may also find you suffer from a reduction in your ability to control your emotions making you far more likely to have emotional highs and lows (which is not the best for your team). All of this will  definitely have an adverse affect how well your cafe is run. Look at the infographic below at how lack of sleep affects performance in professional athletes.

sleep-infographic Infographic courtesy of Michael Hyatt and Zeo inc

According to research by Elizabeth Klerman an associate professor at Harvard Medical school, most adults should be getting 8.5 -9 hours sleep per night. See a full PDF report here http://bit.ly/1g3OMip

There are several small things you can do to help you get a better nights rest.

1. Stop working at least an hour before you plan on going to bed
Often the more work we do the more that work will fill in the time we allocate to it. I suggest you look more at how you are using your time during the day. Are you working in the most productive way? How can you better use the time so you are helping out when it’s busy but getting important work like marketing, finance, planning etc. during the quieter times of day.

2. Have a bath or shower and read a book
Taking time out to allow your mind to process your day is helpful in allowing you to be able to go to sleep without lying awake thinking about everything. One of the best ways to (try to stop this) is to have a bath or shower, Water is incredibly well known to be both revitalizing and calming, after all we are 60% water. Also reading a book will allow us to take our mind off the things we have been doing throughout the day.

3. Avoid using electrical’s prior to going to sleep (phone, I pad etc) and charge them in another room.
There is deviance to suggest we sleep better when our devices are away from the room we are sleeping in. And there is no emergency (except the obvious) that can’t wait until the following day to be sorted. Also the light emitted by these devices is known to inhibit peoples ability to sleep.

Unfortunately, sleep deprivation affects more than just our ability to complete tasks at work. It will affect your long term health, including high blood pressure, It affect long term memory and also our decision making abilities are severely affected the less sleep we have.

The bottom line, get more sleep and you will get more done in less time.

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