The 7 Self-Destructive Business Mindsets

And How You Can Avoid & Overcome Them

Mindset can be defined as: a particular way of thinking; a person’s attitude or set of opinions about something.

In business, your mindset or attitude is foundational! It’s the most important aspect for your long term success. The right mindset will help you to make your business a success. The wrong one can just as easily tear your dream apart.

Here, I go through seven destructive mindsets you must avoid when you are running a business.

1 ~ Lack of Passion

In business you need to have passion in what you are doing to be successful. Passion is what drives business owners (and the business itself) forward, it keeps us optimistic and on purpose to achieve the success we want in our business.

It’s important to take time to realign your passion each day by reading why you wanted to start your business and any other endeavour you want to achieve in your life. It will remind you of the reason you felt it was important to you in the first place.

2 ~ Lack of Fun and Joy in your life and business

Boredom, apathy or a lack of joy are incredibly destructive to anyone who is running business.

Keep the fun in your business by taking time to be aware of how you are feeling in the present. Make running your business a game, not everything you do will be fun but there is a way to have enjoy your business while also being professional as well.

3 ~ Scarcity Thinking

This is the type of thinking that will cause you to guard and become possessive of people, money and possessions. You will lack trust in your staff, your competitors, even your customers.

Each day take time to give something to someone without expecting anything in return. This does not have to “cost” you anything. Be the first to offer a smile or open a door. Offer someone a complimentary coffee. This is a small and simple way to tap into an abundance mindset rather than feeling that you could lose everything.

4~ Fear of Failure or Fear of loosing Respect

Fear or failing, or loosing the respect of your friends, even if it is only perceived is incredibly paralysing. This mindset is one where you feel it is important to appear to others that you’re in control. Ironically, if you have a fear of loosing respect, you care what others think about you, and the only way you can have their respect is to avoid failure.

This is also about self respect and developing a strong sense of self belief. In all honesty, I have found that people are too busy worrying about themselves to have time to think about anyone else. If you find you’re thinking from a place of fear think of this quote: “What others think of me is none of my business” Wayne Dyer

5 ~ Lacking Gratitude and appreciation

Gratitude is our emotion that reduces our ability to feel and express thankfulness and appreciation. This emotion is more about being aware of the positive effects we gain when we notice and record the experiences we are grateful for. Research shows that by doing this for two consecutive weeks we have lasting positive effects for up to six months

Each day before going to sleep or before you get up, take a moment time to think of several things you are grateful for, you can even write them down into a journal. It could be: people, experiences or on object you like, it does not matter what, just take a moment to acknowledge and be grateful.

Also take time to sincerely thank staff, customers and or suppliers so that they feel appreciated and valued by you, it makes a big difference to them.

6 ~ Lack of Focus

Lacking focus is incredibly dangerous when running a business. You will often find you start things and don’t get to complete it before you are either sidetracked or pulled onto doing something else. This will result in the feeling of overwhelm and lack of any control.

Instead use the GTD method (see the graphic below by First get it out of your head, then decide to defer it, delete it, do it, or delegate it.  Get into a habit of completing tasks instead of just starting them.

Also take time to plan your goals (projects) for the year and break them into quarterly plans. This will allow you to focus in on the core aspects that will make the biggest difference in moving your business.


Image by Tasklabels

Doing this will often give better results than you may have seen in the prior 3 years. But it takes discipline to follow through on the plans and avoid getting distracted.

7 ~ Being Stuck in a fixed mindset

The danger of being stuck in a fixed mindset is the belief that our basic abilities are fixed, our intelligence and talents, are fixed traits that they can’t be improved or developed.

I challenge you to develop your thinking by taking time to grow and improve in all aspects of your life not just business. We are all able to improve our thinking and skills at any age by learning new skills, languages and ways of doing things.

For many people gaining knowledge is not the problem, it is in applying it which is the challenge. This is especially the case when you consider how little time we have to stop, breathe and be in the moment.

Running a cafe is one of the most intense experiences I ever been through. My aim is to help you have a life of passion, fun and joy, as well as to be able to learn and grow with focus on the things that matter most to you. After all the life we live is about our journey. Finally, remember to take time to appreciate the little things and celebrate what you have created.

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Thanks for reading, Charlie

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