Two powerful questions to realign your direction and evaluate your progress (I do this every week)

I have recently started to evaluate my weekly progress and the areas which I need to focus on for improvement. I have two simple questions that I ask myself every Sunday morning.

What did I do well this last week / what did I achieve or accomplish?

What could I do better, how could I develop as a parent, husband, son, friend and business owner?

As a person who is always busy (and frankly who isn’t), what I have found, in taking a little time each week to do this, is I can take time to celebrate and acknowledge my wins no matter how small. This is vital because in the past I have often found I am just rushing around being busy, but not aware of whether these “things” I am doing are actually moving me in the right direction.

I find that in taking the time to celebrate, or at least to acknowledge these achievements helps me to…

  • Keep on track for future projects
  • Keep moving in the right direction
  • Correct my course if I am off track
  • Show that I am actually making progress

In answer to my second question, I found I had been overwhelmed by everything, which actually stopped my progress completely. I also know from conversations with others, that this is also a problem for a lot of business owners. who are also juggling looking after family, trying to keep in touch with friends and even keep a house functioning in some semblance of order.

Take time to reflect on things

Take time to reflect on things of beauty

Focus more on less

What I have found in regularly taking time to think about these questions is that I am focusing more on less. By this I mean I have become more aware that I may be wasting time, or not focusing on the things that will move me towards my goal. The other benefit is that I am becoming more focused on being present in the moment, so when I am playing with my children then I am focused on them, not mentally checking out and trying to “be in two places at once”.

I have started (though it is slow process) to realise that I don’t need to be doing twenty things at once as most of them are not actually moving me in the right direction.

I want to take time to have a life, cherish the people and places around me while I also work hard to help others in the very best way I can.

I wonder, is this something you suffer from, are you…

  • Getting swept along by external events, or do you have a vision or purpose for your life?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and yet finding you don’t actually get anything done?
  • Feeling like you are chasing your tail and fighting fires?

Or are you…

  • On track and following a path of your choosing?
  • Finding that you are focused on the things that move you towards your goals?
  • Waking up each day feeling refreshed and in control?

If you do feel overwhelmed, I challenge you to take time to ask yourself this very powerful question every morning.

Who must I become and how can I implement practices into my life that will help me live a more fulfilling and organised life?

The actions you take each day shape who you become. It’s in developing the habits and discipline of positive actions that will allow us to achieve the things we want to. When we do this, we get an enormous amount of energy and confidence to achieve more than we thought possible.

I would love to hear your thoughts or the things that are going well in your life and what you could do to improve going forward.

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